PROLATS Conducting training for a lot of trainees, maintaining their records and monitoring their progress is a lot of work. Therefore, PROLATS Certification & Training Management System is designed to enable certificate providers like yours managing all those training management challenges with ease.

PROLATS dedicated program for training and courses organizations .it allows learning in a realistic yet risk free environment. Whose core purpose is to help administrator to automate and optimise instructor. PROLATS the best administrative solution for efficient planning where you can plan . Create and publish your courses. With PROLATS you can improve your work quality and productivity .it allows online registration. Online courses .online payment. Certification and much more...

These user-friendly training certificates make online learning more interactive and provide your learners with benchmarks of their success. PROLATS with certificate management functionality allows you to customize templates and assign them to specific user fields and courses. By associating a certificate to a course, you can give it to all users that have completed that course (just an idea: why not add a little umph to those compliance courses).