Infrastructure Management

WARSITECH offering Infrastructure Management Services (IMS) among the outsource providers to deliver IT infrastructure management services remotely either from onshore, near-shore or from offshore locations.

WARSITECH can provide you with managed end-to-end IT Infrastructure services to help you optimize your return on your IT investment, reduce your costs, lower your risks and reduce the complexity of your systems, all while increasing your efficiency and competitiveness.

Monitoring and management

WARSITECH simplifies the monitoring and management process by providing a comprehensive view of IT infrastructure through giving clients access to assess the availability, responsiveness, performance and state of all critical IT components including:



“Server Management service provides companies with managed hosting services tailored to meet the requirements of each client’s application and/or infrastructure environment. Whether at the client location or hosted at WARSITECH, the Server Management service provides comprehensive 24x7 managed hosting services including:”

  • Operating system and server hardware monitoring
  • Operating system and server hardware management services
  • Provisioning, monitoring, and management of the network infrastructure
  • Power, cooling, and space within a cabinet


WARSITECH's Storage Management Service provides installation and day-to-day support for your mission critical storage systems. WARSITECH monitors and manages the entire storage fabric (storage arrays, software, switches, cabling and host bus adapters (HBA) to ensure continuous availability.


WARSITECH provides managed backup services for managed servers seven days a week. WARSITECH produces either an online backup to a vault or a backup to tape media of all client-requested file systems, directories and files. The backups are produced using one of the following backup configurations:

  • Dedicated backup infrastructure
  • Centralized shared backup infrastructure
  • Ongoing support includes 24x7 management, troubleshooting, and support of the storage infrastructure.

Additional reasons for a client to utilize a dedicated backup infrastructure include:

  • The client needs to have a custom backup schedule
  • The client requires the highest level of backup security that WARSITECH offers
  • The client requires their own sets of physical media, regardless of type